• Geristore is a dual-cure, self-adhesive, resin glass ionomer formula that contains fluoride and has over seventeen uses
  • It is hydrophilic, so it will bond in the presence of moisture and blood, to all 5 surfaces plus the gingiva
  • Geristore is biocompatible for soft tissue and teeth
    • Studies show gingival cell re-attachment to the material, making it excellent for sub-gingival procedures
  • It is available in a dual-cartridge auto-mixing syringe, making it quick and easy to use
  • Auto-mix and intra-oral tips are available
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Features & Benefits
  • Multi-purpose glass ionomer Bis-GMA composite base for class III & V restorations
    • Versatile applications reduce inventory
  • Can be used as a base because it has fluoride releasing capabilities
  • Adheres to dentin and cementum
  • Seals and bonds to amalgam
  • Excellent for subgingival restorations
    • Biocompatible with connective tissue
  • Self-adhesive properties make Geristore exceptionally easy to use with no need for retentive cavity design, eliminating chair time usually devoted to cavity preparation
  • Resistant to marginal leakage and abrasion
  • Class V's or other low abrasive areas
  • Base or liner for crowns, bridges, amalgams, composites, porcelain, bonded inlays, onlays, or heat cured composites
  • Cementation of cast crown or bridge
  • Intermediate filling material for deciduous teeth
  • Cementation of gold inlays/onlays
  • Placement of bonded amalgams
  • PFM repair
  • Cementation of orthodontic bands and brackets
  • Cementation of Maryland Bridges
  • Esthetic temporary for broken cusps
  • Endo-perforations
  • Endo-retro-fillings
  • Cracked teeth
  • Cementation of stainless steel crowns (metal)
  • Cementation of heat-cured composites
  • Amalgam margin repair
  • Subgingival restorations; fractured roots, deep carious lesions, root resorption lesions
  • Retrograde fillings and root perforations
  • Restoring and sealing overdenture abutments
  • Pulp capping for mechanical pulp exposure
  • Furcations
Features Benefits
Hybrid ionomer composite Combines best properties of both types of materials
Self-adhesive No need for retentive cavity design. Save chairtime.
Syringe delivery system Easy to dispense. No hand mixing
Low polymerization shrinkage, low coefficient of thermal expansion Provides excellent marginal integrity
Resistant to marginal leakage & abrasion Longer lasting, durable restorations
Contains fluoride Long-term fluoride release
Bonds to ALL surfaces Eliminates the need for multiple products
Biocompatible Years of clinically proven safety, especially subgingivally
Radiopaque Highly distinguishable from tooth structure in radiographs
Available in 4 Vita shades Matching tooth structure is easy