Sameer Bhat

Sameer Bhat is an experience MedTech Professional turned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry. He is behind the introduction of several life changing solutions like Bariatric Surgery in 2003 etc during his stint with J&J Medical India. He has been trained in their facilities in India, US &UK .

Sameer Bhat has been associated with implant dentistry and its development since 2005. and has developed strong relations with Key Opinion Leaders, Institutional Heads and innovators in the international dental arena.

He has been the engine that drove the aggressive growth of Dental implant/surgery market from 2005-10 and has been a key driver of profession education initiatives in that resulted in over 600 new dentists being trained in Implant Dentistry in under 5 years.

Recipient of Dentist Friedly Award- 2007, by the Indian Dentist Research and Review- for a significant contribution to Dentistry. Today as a Director in Ergo he is committed to taking Implant Dentistry & Oral Care in India to a whole new level.



Rumi Patel is a first generation entrepreneur and the founder of India's Leading Professional Event Management Company -FTC Events. He has been closely associated with major developments, product launches etc in Healthcare over the last 15 years and has close relations with several thought leaders in various fields of medicine and surgery.

He also has conducted large global events in other sectors for leading organisations like RBI, SEBI,BSE etc. He brings his vast entrepreneurial experience to Ergo Healthcare and is responsible for the company's strategic expansion initiatives.
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